Here’s a few steps we’ve seen CROs and Sponsors take to increase their clinical trial enrollment numbers

1) Provide educational materials about clinical trials to your sites!

A recent study was done that 40% of patients would be interested in participating in medical research, but this number jumped to over 60% when patients were given an easy to read pamphlet on what clinical trials are, why they should consider participating, what the goal of the clinical trial is, what a placebo actually is in the context (standard of care vs a sugar pill) and much more.

Also, make sure your materials are available in multiple languages, even if your trial is only being run in the US. Many patients only speak a certain language. Education is key!

Rather than doing this all by yourself, you could also work with HDP Health. We generate a per patient IRB approved pamphlet that explains to patients what trials are, why they should participate, and the details about the specific trials being recommended to them! Providers can simply hand this to them on their way out the door (or if they’re fancy email it to them directly!)

2) Expand the sites that you work with

We know it’s easy to continually go back to the sites that you’ve always worked with. The big academic medical centers with a history of running many trials. But it’s imperative to look to other locations. Over 80% of cancer patients are treated outside of an academic medical centers, yet most of those centers aren’t contacted to participate in clinical trials for their patients.

You could use the standard route you’ve been doing before, or you can utilize HDP Health and look into our expanded site network outside of the usual academic medical centers to reach the populations you’ve been missing.

3) Use an advanced EMR recruitment tool!

We all know doctor’s are extremely busy, often appointments only last 15 minutes even for patients with cancer. It’s no wonder doctor’s don’t have the time to go over every clinical trial option for every patient.

Rather than relying on an individual being able to review every patient you should be using an advanced EMR recruitment tool like HDP Health. Our software can review ever patient that enters a facility and immediately notify the staff when someone becomes eligible for a trial. We can even make sure to notify your research staff before their next appointment so they know to head on over when the patient arrives.

4) As a CRO or Sponsor, stop only sending questionnaires to sites and starting using intelligent data analysis

Questionnaires and calling practices are inefficient, outdated, and result in many sites that never recruit a single patient. This happens because the information used to fill out those questionnaires is usually a quick look at an EMR search at best, and off the top of the head at worst, leading to completely incorrect feasibility of a site.

By using HDP Health to analyze the sites you work with, you can get real time, accurate information into when patients are seen that match your clinical trial criteria. We can even extract criteria that are locked away in doctor’s notes! (And we all know the stereotype around doctor’s handwriting).

Now you can design your trial criteria and get an accurate picture of the available patient population and select sites that are actually likely to reach enrollment goals!

5) Simplify your protocols

It’s been well studied that having to take extra time off of work, or get someone to watch the kids because they need to spend extra time at the hospital for the clinical trial they are participating is a big factor in patients not signing up, or dropping out after the fact.

It’s important to take a good look at what can you take out of your protocol and is every little piece extremely necessary, or can you utilize telemedicine, and other remote/low touch methods to keep your clinical trial on track and recruit and retain more patients.


If you’re interested in working with HDP Health to actually improve your clinical trial enrollment now, reach out to our CEO Brian Clark –!

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